We are glad to see You on our website «Charitable organization «Charity Fund» «How would You like?», and You have got here not by chance, but because there is someone who loves You.

Humanity is one big family

Humanity is one big family. For some people it sounds like an advertising slogan, but for us it is a fact.

We propose (as it should be in a friendly family) to found a common budget where everyone can spend available money to improve health and happiness.

Wallet Details

Organization Founding Principles

  • You need to value money like air
  • Healthy and happy life of everyone is possible
  • It’s enough to be a Human to share
  • It’s easy to believe in written on a screen
  • If You give love only to Your own children – this instigates to wars

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When will we all be together?

When people will have something common and one for all. When they all share something that they consider as intimate thing.

Tell me, what are Yu ready to share with Your close person? Not with Your mother or sister, but with someone near You. Those who are sitting, standing, walking near You. The one whose name You do not even know.

I suggest You to share the wallet. When people have a common wallet, they are close enough to plan a common future. Together they decide which house to live in, which school their children will be better to go. When the employer and the employee have the same wallet, they both understand that they equally depend on each other and that they are working together for the common profit. When there is a common wallet, a person is not forced to work in an job that he doesn’t like only because of fear to lose a roof over his head. When there is money in a common wallet, it makes no sense to get it illegally. When the defendant and the victim have a common wallet, lawyers have an interest to establish justice. When there is enough money on a common wallet, You don’t need to sound the alarm and hope for a miracle that many people will help if Your relative has an attack or needs surgery. When an inventor and an investor have a common wallet, a vaccine for a disease will not be deprived of the future because treatment is not profitable. When You and I have a common wallet, how will I force You to do something? Do You really need to be forced?

Imagine the people sitting at the table

Everyone has something that others need at this table, and to change these things they use money. Sometimes someone’s product seems more necessary than others, and its owner begins to believe that it makes money. However, there is only one way to make money – to print it. All other figures of money are really engaged in the sharing, and it can be compared with pulling a blanket on the bed – everyone pulls on himself. To get more money, You now need to sell something, and not necessarily useful.

And in this cycle, many people consider that money is the goal, and health is the sense

I insist that money weas invented, remain a means in our lives. Many people accumulate money without realizing that bills have printed in limited number, and when they don’t know how to dispose of own wallet, make feel inconvenience other people. And if You put money on the table, then everyone sitting at it will be able to use it. The exchange will continue without hesitation. And if in this exchange You do what you do, just for the money, it’s better to take them right here. If someone takes part in a deal without understanding, he can’t be balanced. The table that I described above is Your phone. I put money on it. You might as well put money on the bench, You would say. But in that case, someone who is closer to them would have an advantage. This money is on distance of a few clicks from each of us. We all have equal rights. And I ask You to spend this money on health. How much, You will decide by Yourself. To determine the value of a thing I would like according to how much health and happiness they bring. I often have to go to the mountains or to the forest. In the forest or in the mountains my life does not depend on money. It depends on how attentive and strong I am and how attentive and strong are people near me. People who are near me maybe see me for the first one. And we need to trust each other. Every time I return from there, I receive money. But when I have to leave again, money that I leave may use someone else, maybe these money will help them buy clothes, food, or do a surgery. Therefore, I leave them here. Through the hands of people, they will come to me when I return. I have no doubt about this, because all people use money on this planet. How can You trust people, You ask. When You give money to a child and send him for bread, how do You know that he will bring bread? I trust them as a child, because we all were born in the same way, and are someone’s children. Once I received money for myself without waiting to return, and this led me to a place where I am satisfied with myself and others. And now I give them to You, try it. Someone may not succeed at once, but this is our responsibility. Not completely, but part of how each of us is part of this world.

I support the theory of open society.
What it is? The opposite of theories of secret societies.

It may seems to many of us that someone is manipulating us. Many of us call our era a consumer society. It seems to me that everything is a little different. We say who pays orders the music. And who pays? Manufacturer or consumer, customers or performers, specialists or viewers, we are all for one.

Some people find life too short for health caring. After all, this requires compliance with certain rules. But breaking and following the rules costs equal efforts. We say that life is short to follow the rules, but it becomes shorter when rules are broken for too long.

Yes, there are many organizations that help victims of various tragedies, crises, and accidents. Often to get their help, You must satisfy some condition. It is impossible to receive help if You have not an incurable disease, an irreparable injury, an emergency. But don’t You need help before this happens? And all those who help individually, why wouldn’t they unite? I would like there was the only condition in life – to be a human.

I describe these imagine situations, but this general wallet is not image, it is already in front of You. And like all means, it can be only used. I do not ask You to believe me. I suggest You check it.

If You think that this does not happen, You are wrong, this has already happened. If You think that this should not be accessible to all people, then say name of the one who can solve this. If You consider other way, write to me about how would You like? Or if You think that we are not ready yet, come when You will be ready!